Monday, July 19, 2010

A Hot Mess

I had oh-so-grand plans for my hot sauce bottling this year.  I planned to experiment with "canning" it so I could send it to friends and family farther afield.  I planned on making a couple different formulations, in addition to the herbal concoction from last year.

Alas, you know what has been said about the best-laid plans.  And mine have gone very far astray, unfortunately.

Mysteriously, my pepper plants have grown very little since May, whether a starter plant, a plant from seed, or even a volunteer.  With the lack of growth has also come a lack of blossom, and therein lies the problem: no bloom, no peppers.

I may have no choice but to decamp to my area Asian grocery for my hot pepper supplies, though my glow of pride may be somewhat diminished as a result.

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