Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Meeeltiing...I'm Meeeeeltiiingggg!!

Feels like a zillion degrees with 200 % humidity outside...ah, welcome to summer in the lovely Mid-Atlantic states.  (Is it even summer yet?!)  Each course from dinner last night had a garden ingredient in it.  Don't you relish that feeling?  I grilled pork chops rubbed with olive oil, s & p, smashed garlic, and chopped oregano, thyme, and rosemary.  Nice green salad with mixed lettuces and a simple vinaigrette.  Then my dad treated us all to vanilla milkshakes made with heaps of strawberries.  Nothing better.

Here's the front edge of my potager, with the kids' garden in the background.  I love the jumble of textures and colors.

Potato flowers.  I planted red, Yukon Gold, and blue this year but I cannot remember in which order.  These are either the red or the blue potatoes.

Here's Maya's broccoli, which we will pick soon.  I love mine steamed yet crisp with a caper and browned butter sauce I found in a Nigella Lawson book.  Maya prefers hers with just some butter.  Alexander eats whatever I serve him, my biggest fan.  

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