Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pouting Cruciferians...

...wait, is that even a word?  Here in Maryland, it feels like someone has switched the temperature setting to "August" and my brussels sprouts and broccoli are not too happy about it.  Yesterday, they didn't even bother to acknowledge my prescience, just bedraggled leaves fainting on the ground.  A mid-day shower did perk them up nicely, and did the trick today too.  Now I am waiting for the brussels sprouts to reach above the altitude of the broccoli and start looking like a funky prehistoric alien palm tree.  Even if you detest eating brussels sprouts due to a childhood trauma, they are really cool plants in the garden and add an interesting architectural note.  And give them another chance on your fork...steamed then tossed with some lemony, garlicky basil butter or balsalmic browned butter are my favorite ways to enjoy them.

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