Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Nutty Gnome said...

Hi Christine and thank you for following me. It's always nice to feel like I'm getting something right in my inane ramblings!

I could only see your lovely strawberry photo as I keep getting a 'you are not authorised to view this page' message - but it doesn't say what I have to do to sort it! Ho hum!

I'm intrigued by your asinine hot sauce - sounds like my kind of sauce! :)

Christine said...

Weird about the authorization message...as I am nearly a luddite, I hope it's not something daft I did here on my end!

The sauce was made almost entirely with ingredients from my garden, in one small batch. I actually had to wear a respirator mask while making it! It was a variety of roasted veggies, herbs, honey, and balsamic vinegar if I remember correctly. I'm doing research now on how to bottle it so it keeps longer and without refrigeration.

It's a pleasure to read your posts and thanks for doing the same for me!